Entity Network Translation (ENT) is a fully decentralized, next-generation trust infrastructure. Trusted micro-networks. Better than PKI & the blockchain. User-driven. True data ownership. Useful anywhere, for any purpose. An open, interoperable global standard.

Decentralized, Trusted Micro-Networks

ENT is fully decentralized. Anything that can be represented digitally can connect in discrete, trusted peer networks: Humans, devices, components, data, files, software, groups, physical objects, even concepts like corporations and currency. Every entity has it's own persistent identity, access rules, data, and owner-driven management. No third party is ever involved.

The benefits of trusted micro-networks are enormous: Arbitrary levels of security and data privacy, true data ownership, trusted and grid computing on commodity infrastructure, cross-domain interoperability and more.

A Fundamental Advance In Crypto Architecture

ENT is more resilient and robust than PKI, more versatile and efficient than the blockchain, and actually increases in strength as the ecosystem grows. This is possible due to a fundamental advance in crypto architecture, Relational Key Infrastructure (RKI).

RKI re-engineers off-the-shelf asymmetric cryptography to solve previously intractable problems of trust in a decentralized system. RKI's innovative techniques maintain trusted identity and connectivity at the entity level across the "continuity boundary" with no central authorities and no manual key management.

User-Determined, Entity-Level Network Stacks

Users have full, self-determined provisioning and ownership over every aspect of each of their entities: Identity management, data management, access and authorizations, storage, routing, distribution and more. ENT's automated system enforces user policy without any central management or oversight.

With ENT, developers and architects no longer have to recreate the same stacks over and over. They simply plug their value-add applications into the user's configuration of ENT's uniform infrastructure.

True Data Ownership: A Radical Innovation

User-driven, decentralized control of digital data assets has a natural, and radical, outcome: True data ownership with the same exclusivity and transferable rights as any real-world physical property.

ENT's automated, cryptographic enforcement of user policies enables owners to make their exclusive digital entities and data available for purchase, lease, time-limited access or joint control. For the first time in our digital history, ENT creates a brand new, highly valuable digital property market.

For Any Purpose, In Any Environment

Applications include Internet of Things, government, military, cyber-physical systems, banks and finance, automotive, healthcare, medical records, manufacturing, physical supply chains, retail, ecommerce, devices, networking and more.

ENT enables trusted micro-networks in practially any environment - from embedded components to OS applications to complex global networks.

Open Standard, Global Governance

ENT's open standard, global-scale governance is modeled on the successful consortiums - from USB to DNS - that have enabled decades of global digital innovation.

The ENT Foundation brings together diverse stakeholders from government, private industry, non-profits and individuals to develop, protect and promote the ENT standard for broad, global adoption of robust, resilient trusted networking.

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