Digital title, access control, secure grids, M2M, physical supply chains:
ENT is high-assurance identity & integrated connectivity for any system.
Your design, your rules, autonomically enforced by our crypto-contracts.

Welcome to the Enternet.

The next-gen trust foundation for the global digital economy.

Entity Network Translation (ENT):
Uniform, secure entity-to-entity connections across any domain -
digital or physical, legacy or modern, individually or in groups.

ENT's innovative crypto-contracts transform your complex mix of system entities
(people, organizations, devices, data, files, software processes, even physical objects)
into a secure, addressable, resilient, & interoperable domain of integrated endpoints.

ENT uses crypto-contracts to map any entity into a secure, integrated endpoint.

ENT + RKI = high-assurance versatile systems, built your way, enforced your way.

You know what the trusted relationships are in your system. You just need that trust enforced.
ENT enforces your system's security, privacy, ownership, control and connectivity based on your design and your rules - simply, easily, inexpensively, and interoperably with other important systems both in and out of your control.

From embedded to software, from high-risk infrastructure to financial transactions to simple consumer apps, ENT provides a high-assurance, versatile, dev-friendly foundation for accelerating the development of emergent, trust-based systems at a global scale.

An Innovative Platform Requires An Innovative Crypto-Architecture

ENT is built on Relational Key Infrastructure (RKI), our next-generation crypto architecture. RKI reduces the cost of full-featured identity, exponential security and ownership to practically zero. ENT's platform automates and enforces relational crypto-contracts between any entity or group. Together, ENT and RKI create "bottom-of-the-stack" security: user-driven credentialing, autonomic systemic assurance and granular permissions at the entity level.

A New Digital Foundation For A Rapidly-Changing Economy

ENT simplifies and accelerates deployment of digital title, component pedigree and anti-counterfeiting, logins and access control, M2M, Internet of Things (IoT) components, secure grids, medical records, trusted computing, physical supply chain logistics, and many other important and foundational systems. ENT also works across domains and with legacy technology, ensuring compatibility & interoperability for all your valuable existing assets.

Industrial Internet Consortium

Thanks, IIC Members!

To all the IIC members who attended the
IIC Quarterly Meeting in Austin, TX,

thanks for your interest in ENT's high-assurance, integrated trusted-identity technology! We look forward to continuing the conversation with you about how ENT can make your deployments easier, more secure and more resilient!

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We are currently limiting public information about the ENT platform, but comprehensive information on its capabilities and applications is available for select enterprise and venture partners.

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